First time clients, any appointments that are made for over $100 in services, will be sent an invoice to the email you provide for a non-refundable 50% deposit.  Thank you for understanding the policy and respecting my time. 

30-minute Custom Massage   $50   |  with Himalayan Salt Stones   $60

60-minute Custom Massage   $85   |  with Himalayan Salt Stones $110

90-minute Custom Massage  $115  |  with Himalayan Salt Stones $140

120-minute Custom Massage $150 |  with Himalayan Salt Stones $175

** 120-minute massage cannot be scheduled online, please contact the spa directly in order to schedule.

** A consent form (provided) must be signed by a parent/guardian, in

front of the massage therapist, for a minor before treatment can begin.




I use Jojoba (ho-HO-ba) for massages. 

Fun Fact: Pure jojoba is a liquid wax ester akin to the esters humans produce in their skin, it is not an oil.

I studied massage therapy while living in Manhattan, NY.  The licensing requirements are 1,000 hours of class and hands-on training. 

That is double what CA requires. 

By the time I graduated, and received my degree in Occupational Studies for Massage Therapy,

I had accumulated over 1,400 hours of training.  





Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy

The newest alternative to Hot Stone Therapy

Also used as a Cold Stone Therapy!

Known for its purity, versatility and mineral content, Himalayan Crystal Salt offers overall wellness for the body.  As it can be heated or frozen, it's great for aches and pains.  A natural air purifier because of the negative ions produced when heated, it's natural frequency helps to reduce the toxicity of the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from all the electronics that surround us daily.  

Himalayan Salt Benefits 

stimulates circulation  |   reduces inflammation  |   relaxes the body   |   calms the nervous system   |   lowers blood pressure   |    improves sleep

soothes sore muscles   |  increases a sense of well-being   |   removes toxins from the body    |    improves immune support   |   reduces signs of aging     exfoliates the skin to promote natural silky, smooth skin

Contraindications for Salt Stone Therapy are as follows: 

inflammation, acne, couperose, sunburned skin, and pregnancy

Information of Himalayan Salt provided by Saltability™


All massages offered at Central Coast Red Coral Spa are Swedish Technique based, yet customized with additional techniques such as sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial release and shiatsu.  All massages are customized to help with pain relief and aim to assist in balancing the body, overall.  It is important to communicate during your treatment if pressure is too light or too firm.  




Central Coast Red Coral Spa  |  1148 E Grand Avenue |  Arroyo Grande, CA  |  |  805-356-5684

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Current Hours

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Other hours may be available upon request

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