Hair Removal

The ONLY spa on the Central Coast that offers COLD PASTE SUGARING!


Using SugarLove Organic Cold Paste this form of hair removal is not heated the way wax typically is.  Applied with a gloved hand, the heat from my hand and the clients body heat allows the sugar to seep into the follicle to ensure a clean removal without breakage, burning the skin, or lifting the skin. 


Important Notes: 

*Sugaring  is not available for men between the waist to the knees

* Stop using retin-a or retinols 3 days prior to sugaring, and do not begin using again for three days after the sugaring.

* For our Transitioning clients, please call or email directly to check what services we can provide successfully.


Cold Paste Sugaring!

Brows   $25

Lip   $10

Chin   $10

Brow/Lip/Chin Combo $40

Full Face w/out Brows   $55

Full Face with Brows   $70

Underarms   $20

Lower Arm  $25

Full Arm   $40

Lower Leg   $35

Upper Leg   $45

Full Leg   $75

Basic Bikini $30 

Extended Bikini $40

Full Brazilian $55 

Brazilian w/inner thigh  $70

Buttocks   $15

Back with Shoulders  $50

Please have hair grown out a minimum of  1/4" for first time sugaring, do not have any lotions on, and exfoliate the day before coming in.

SugarLove Organic Paste is completely organic, non-toxic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and bio-degradable. 



Ingredients: organic saccharum (pure cane sugar), organic molasses (melinis minutiflora), organic citrus limon (lemon) juice, purified water

First time clients, any appointments that are made for over $100 in services, will be sent an invoice to the email you provide for a non-refundable 50% deposit.  Thank you for understanding the policy and respecting my time. 

Central Coast Red Coral Spa  |  1148 E Grand Avenue |  Arroyo Grande, CA  |  |  805-356-5684

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Other hours may be available upon request

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