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Central Coast Red Coral Spa

" Aiyani is a Skin Whisperer " 
-Marisa S 


Skin Care

Hair Removal


Massage Therapy & Body Work

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Lash Extensions


Aiyani Mersai

Founder • Owner • Solo-Practitioner

Licensed Esthetician

Certified Massage Therapist

"The skincare services I've received with Aiyani have changed my life.  My skin had an intense redness, excessive oil production, was highly reactive and sensitive, and a history of acne. However, Aiyani's diligent work,  and continued effort to find the right balance of services and products, have left me feeling proud to walk around with my face. I've even received compliments on my skin, which would have NEVER happened pre-Aiyani. Something that was once a source of shame, that I tried endlessly hiding or drawing attention away from has become something I'm proud of, and want to continue caring for in the best way possible. I cannot recommend Aiyani's services enough. She has a relentless desire to find the safest, healthiest, and most productive means of helping skin; and her continuous education, industry knowledge, and experience speak for themselves. Thank you, Aiyani, for helping me find confidence!"  -- K.N.

" I found my person.  I'm so happy.  It's so hard to find your people. 

I'm staying until she retires!"   

-Alyson Rodges, Owner of  Aly's Puppy Bootcam

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