Lash Extensions

I am a certified Eyelash Extension Stylist and use products by

NovaLash, Bella Lash, Minkys, Paris Lash Academy, and iLevel Lab.

I use the award winning NovaLash High Speed Platinum Bond adhesive which is Waterproof AND Oil resistant!

I use professional pre-made fans for Hybrid and Volume lashes, still using the 1:1 method.

     What 1:1 means

Synthetic eyelash extensions are applied one at a time to create length and volume.  One extension, per one healthy natural lash.  Different lengths and curls are available and chosen based on your natural lashes and "the look" you are going for. Pre-made fans have 2-5 lashes combined to one stem that is still very light weight and applied to one healthy natural lash.  

     Full Set Appointments

Approximately 1.5-2  hours after application begins.  Please  allow time to briefly discuss the look/goal you have in mind for your lashes before I begin application.  So, you're looking at spending about two to two-and-a-half hours with me the first appointment. 

Best to use the restroom before we start!

     Fill Appointments

Ideally you will not have lost more than 30-40% of your lashes upon your return for a fill.  Lashes grow and shed as a natural cycle, so it's natural to have some loss, but if you are losing more than 50% of your lash extensions in 2-3 weeks you are being too hard on them, or not cleaning them properly.

 • Lashes need to be CLEAN of ANY signs of makeup, or debris for EVERY appointment!

 • If I have to clean your lashes it will take away application time as I must adhere to a time frame for other appointments

 • I will not weigh down your natural lashes with heavy extensions, or too many lashes (this pertains to hybrid and volume specifically as we use "fans" to create a fuller appearance).

 • SheekyLash® is a lash growth and strengthening serum available for retail purchase and can be used with or without lash extensions on. 

 • A makeup remover/eyelash cleanser is available for purchase, includes a complimentary lash cleansing brush.

Full Set
Classic $175

Hybrid $195

Volume $210

60-Minute Fill:

Classic $60

Hybrid $70

Volume $80

75-Minute Fill:

Classic $75

Hybrid $85

Volume $95

 Lash Removal 

15-30minutes  $25

Hours and Info

A valid credit or debit card is required to securely book your appointment.

Availability currently varies as I help with family

Please contact directly to book

Cancelling within 12 hours of  your appointment will result in a 50% service fee.  If we are able to replace appointments with a client from the waitlist, we are happy to waive the fee.

No-Shows ensue a 100% Service Fee

Thank you for respecting the policies and my time.

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