Peel Descriptions

Starter Peels can be performed weekly depending on goals

Lactic Acid 20%

An alpha hydroxy acid that is milk-based and designed to exfoliate and hydrate simultaneously.  Good for hyperpigmentation, dry skin, dehydrated skin, and mature skin.  Can be performed in a series of 1x/week for 4-6 weeks, then allow the skin to rest.  No down time.  

TCA 10%

Trichloroacetic Acid is designed to address hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring.  Additional layers are recommended, and available for $5/layer.  A series of 4-8 treatments is ideal for optimal results, and the length between each appointment will vary. You will leave with this peel ON as it must stay put for a minimum of 8 hours before washing off. No down time

Glycolic 30%

Derived from sugar cane and good for normal, oily, acneic, or dry skin.  Exfoliates and softens skin, reduces keratinization, treats mild to moderate acne, and minimizes pore size.  Visible peeling will generally not occur with this peel. No down time.

Unbuffered Peels can be performed once every 3-4 weeks.

Lactic 50%

Mainly used in aged skin as it promotes the production of elastin and collagen and reduces facial wrinkles and sagging

Glycolic 50%

To encourage collagen production, improve elastin, improve texture, and lighten scarring caused by acne or picking at the skin

TCA 35%

To lighten hyperpigmentation, even skin tone and improve texture

Citric 30%

For hyperpigmentation and melasma

Salicylic 30%

For normal to oily skin

Biomani Compound

Designed to treat acne scars and stretch marks.  This peel cannot be booked online.  It is something to work up to and can be discussed during a peel consultation.  Clients are likely to experience PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) and have visual peeling.


Dermodality Certified

Dermodality Peels are designed as single application, or layering.  They cannot be combined with other peels. A peel consultation is best to decide a step-by-step action plan, and correctly prepare your skin with at home products prior to your peel appointment. The length in between peels varies.  There are 3 different levels.  Levels are not based on percentages.  They are based on ingredients, and product penetration depth.  Most peels work wonderfully with the Pumpkin Peel as the first step, and a Retinol as a final step.  

Dermodality Pumpking Multi-Fruit 30%

A Level 1 stand-alone peel or PLP (Professional Layering Peel) as it can be used in conjunction with other Dermodality Peels and Dermodality Retinols making it a step in a Level 2 or Level 3 peel.  Pumpkin increases cell turnover, epidermal and dermal hydration, decreases fine lines and wrinkles while lightening pigmentation, stimulates collagen production and has an immediate and noticeable tightening of the skin. (description provided by Dermodality)  Good for all skin types, all fitzpatricks and most conditions including sensitive skin.  

Dermodality Mandelic 25%

A Level 1 stand-alone peel or PLP (Professional Layering Peel) to make it a Level 2 or 3.. High anti-inflammatory and helps remove dull layers of dead skin cells, AHA's improve the texture of skin, decongests skin, unclogs pores, reduces appearance of fine line wrinkles.  Good for all fitzpatricks (lightest color of skin, to darkest color of skin). 

Dermodality Intensive Brightening 45%

A Level 1 stand-alone or PLP (Professional Layering Peel) to make it a Level 2 or 3. Visibly lightens and brightens skin while it becomes softer and smoother. 

Dermodality C Vitality 

A Level 1 stand-alone peel, or PLP (Professional Layering Peel) to make it a Level 2 or 3.  Highly concentrated vitamins and fruit-driven antioxidants.  Concentrated anti-inflammatory ingredients for minimal irritation.  Good for distressed, suffocated skin that needs a boost. 

Dermodality Blemish 20

A Level 2 peel. Formulated to break down sebum and minimizes comedones. It contains BHA – oil soluble acid, derived from willow bark. Keratolytic and antimicrobial controls P-acnes bacteria (acne causing) and aids the extraction process. This is a 20% Salicylic peel. Can level up with layer of Dermodality Retinol making it a Level 3.

Dermodality Modified Jessner

A Level 2 peel. This highly effective peel formula allows for several degrees of controlled depth penetration. It exfoliates, destroys bacteria, and stimulates cell production.  This will significantly help repair and reduce breakouts, control oil, soften lines and provide a more even, smoother skin texture.

Dermodality Cascade Retinol 10 (Part of PLP)

This is not a stand-alone peel.  This is used as a layer over Dermodality TCA, Salicylic, Modified Jessner, or Jessner, or it can be applied after a Pumpkin Peel, Intensive Brightening Peel, C Vitality Peel, or Mandelic Peel for the client to wear home as well.  A blend of retinol and retinol palmitate allows for a safe and controllable peel that begins the process of lightening, brightening while supporting the development of collagen, elastin and fibroblast. A clinically proven formula that cascades into retinoic acid providing the ability to resurface the skin while enhancing the skin cellular structure. (description provided by Dermodality).

Dermodality Pure Retinol 20 (Part of PLP)

Similar to the Retinol 10, this is not a stand-alone peel.  Minimizes pore size, this is used as a layer over Dermodality TCA, Salicylic, Modified Jessner, or Jessner, or it can be applied after a Pumpkin Peel, Intensive Brightening Peel, C Vitality Peel, or Mandelic Peel for the client to wear home as well. contains a formula of retinol, lactic, and mandelic.  (description provided by Dermodality)


Biomani Advanced Skincare Certified

Skin Script Certified

Professional Layering Peels