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Advanced Exfoliation 

Advanced exfoliation appointments are fairly short in time.  Approximately 15-30 total.  I will thoroughly cleanse the skin, apply the peel, wait the appropriate amount of time for the peel to penetrate your skin, then neutralize the peel.  Some peels will not be neutralized and the client goes home wearing it. 

You will need to wear SPF

You will need to prep your skin 

Best results done in a series

Advanced Exfoliation via Chemical Peels is a way to address skin concerns like

• hyperpigmentation

• texture

• acne scarring

• wrinkles

• giving your skin a boost in cellular turnover



Lactic 20%
Glycolic 30%
TCA 10%
additional fees apply for additional layers of TCA
** Your esthetician will choose which peel to start you on in person


LEVEL 1  $150       LEVEL 2 $225       LEVEL 3 $275

These are surface, mid-depth, and deep peels based on several factors. For levels 2 and 3 most clients will need to prepare their skin with products at home in order to precondition it. 

This is a commitment to yourself and your skin care goals. 

Level 2 and Level 3 are not available for first time clients.

Level 2 and Level 3 are not available for online booking.  

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