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Permanent Hair Reduction



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Suitable for All Hair Types

Suitable for All Hair Colors

Suitable for All Skin Types

Suitable for All Fitzpatricks

(Skin Colors)

Suitable for All Parts of the Body

No Pigmentation

Safe for Tattoos

Suitable for All Ages

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"As a fair haired woman I've always been disappointed I couldn't get permanent hair removal.  I was so amazed at the significantally less hair I had with the Epilfree treatments.  I love working with Aiyani and I love my results!" --S.H.

1. Sugar area

(Central Coast Red Coral Spa does not use wax!)

2. Apply Activator

3. Apply Toner

4. Grow less hair

5. Repeat in 2-4, or 4-6 weeks (depending on area and growth)

Hair grows in 3 phases.  During your appointment, the area being treated will be sugared, removing accessible hair in phases 2 and 3 (catagen and telogen phases), followed by the application of Epilfree serums.  The first serum ,"The Activator", expands the follicle and holds it open (not noticeable to the naked eye); the second serum, "The Toner", works to stop the duplication of cells in phase 1 (anagen) within the follicle.  We repeat this process every 2-4, or 4-6 weeks depending on area and growth, because each time there are different follicles in active phases.  An average of 18 consistent treatments is ideal for visible results. Consistency is key!  

Important Note: Hormonal hair is difficult and stubborn but CAN be treated.  It will take more treatments.   There is an at home spot treatment serum available for purchase that will help treat follicles in between appointments.  

Marble Surface


• Client must clean the area being treated, with soap and water or a non-active, non-creamy cleanser 1-hour prior to their appointment

• Do NOT apply any lotions, oils, toners, astringents, deodorants, powders.  Nothing.  Area must be cleaned off with no products on top!

• Area treated must remain DRY for 6 hours after treatments.  This one can be tricky with areas where we sweat; we can still treat these areas but it may take longer to yield visible results

Current areas offered for

Permanent Hair Reduction:

• Upper Lip: $45

• Chin: $55

• Unibrow (only the middle of brows): $40

• Brows: $75

• Brow/Lip/Chin $160

• Full Face: $185

(without brows)

• Full Face with brows: $200

• Underarms: $75

• Basic Bikini: $85

• Extended Bikini: $95

• G-String: $110

• Brazilian: $160++

Inquire directly for other areas and prices

Purchase a package of 5 treatments for the same area and receive 5% off

Purchase a package of 10 treatments for the same area and receive 10% off

Packages are not available for online purchase,

they can be purchased in person.

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