Permanent Hair Reduction



Suitable for All Hair Types

Suitable for All Hair Colors

Suitable for All Skin Types

Suitable for All Fitzpatricks

(Skin Colors)

Suitable for All Parts of the Body

No Pigmentation

Safe for Tattoos

Suitable for All Ages

1. Sugar area

(Central Coast Red Coral Spa does not use wax!)

2. Apply Activator

3. Apply Toner

4. Grow less hair

5. Repeat in 4-6 weeks

Hair grows in 3 phases.  During your appointment, the area being treated will be sugared, removing accessible hair in phases 2 and 3 (catagen and telogen phases), followed by the application of Epilfree serums.  The first serum ,"The Activator", expands the follicle and holds it open (not noticeable to the naked eye); the second serum, "The Toner", works to stop the duplication of cells in phase 1 (anagen) within the follicle.  We repeat this process every 4-6 weeks, consistently, because each time there are different follicles in active phases.  An average of 8-12 treatments is ideal for optimal results.

Popular Areas for

Permanent Hair Reduction:

Upper Lip: $40

Chin: $45

Brows: $60

Full Face: $150

Underarms: $65

Basic Bikini: $85

Brazilian: $120

Lower Leg: $100

Back: $165

a full list will be available on the booking site soon!

Purchase a package of 5 treatments for the same area and receive 10% off

Purchase a package of 10 treatments for the same area and receive 20% off

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