Skin Care  
Skin Irregularity Treatments

After almost 15 years in the skin care industry working with clients who never had facials, to those who have had routines for decades, I have learned some things:


Am I right?

You do not want 10-30 options for a facial (and add-ons) when booking an appointment

The menu I have created is simple. 

Choose a facial and the amount of time

I will do the rest using Eastern & Western modalities

customized and combined

for your specific skin type and goals.

Your facial will always include cleansing and exfoliating.

Not every modality will be used in every facial,

this is how we reach skin care goals:

• be consistent with your at-home routine using products suggested by a professional skin therapist

• be consistent with your professional treatments

• choose the best modalities to get the results we want

This menu changed May 2020. 

If you have inquiries on, or a gift certificate for previously offered facials, please contact the spa directly.  


" Words cannot express how lucky I was to have found Aiyani at Central Coast Red Coral Spa.  When I first went to her my skin was horrible, but she quickly fixed it and made recommendations and before long my skin was flawless.  Aiyani does not just deliver an impeccable service but also offers high-quality products.   I highly recommend this place "     -Gwen Gipe

Facial 1: The Tidal Wave

120m - $245   Best Results!

90m - $195  Most Booked!

An Age-Management facial designed to address fine lines and wrinkles with a focus on hydration and firming for a lifted and youthful appearance.  This facial includes the neck, and décolleté.

Modalities that may be used: My Skin Buddy™, Age Defying Enzymes, Skin Scrubber, Microdermabrasion, Facial Cupping, Facial Gua Sha, Facial Massage, High Frequency with Orange electrode, Treatment Masks, Microcurrent, Nano Infusion, LED Therapy  

Learn more about modalities here

Facial Wash

" I had unruly, inflamed, and irritated cystic acne.  Aiyani turned my skin around, and gave me back my confidence to feel beautiful in my own skin."     -Marisa S.

Facial 2: Ocean Illuminate

90m - $195

75m - $170

Addressing hyperpigmentation or discoloration brought on by the environment (sun spots) or hormonally (melasma), or pigmented scarring, this facial will be pieced together to even skin tone and smooth out skin texture.  It will lighten and brighten the skin leaving you with a radiant glow.

Modalities that may be used: My Skin Buddy™, Lightening Enzymes, Skin Scrubber, Microdermabrasion,  Facial Cupping, Facial Gua Sha, Facial Massage, Brightening Masks, Nano Infusion, LED Therapy  Learn more about modalities here

Woman with Face Cream

" I used to think monthly breakouts were a part of life. 

Aiyani has changed all of that.  My skin has never been better! " 

- Laurene Lee, Skin Bitch

Facial 3: Deep Sea Dive

75m - $170

60m - $125

45m - $100 (Teens Only)

A deep pore cleansing facial to clear out the skin.  Best for acne, breakouts, blackheads and skin in need of extractions. 

Modalities that may be used: My Skin Buddy™,  Pore Cleansing Enzymes, Skin Scrubber, High Frequency with Violet Electrode, Treatment Masks, LED Therapy

Learn more about modalities here

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— Happy Client

" I watched that cherry angioma disappear before my very eyes. " 


Skin Sheek® CLEAR 

Skin Irregularity Treatment

15-minutes $95

add a Skin Sheek Treatment to another service you book:

$35 for 1-2 small spots

$55 for 3-4 small spots

The Skin Sheek treats minor skin irregularities like sun spots, skin tags, cherry angiomas, and more by use of high frequency. Clients may experience slight discomfort, and  downtime is subjective.  Skin will form a "crust" over the area treated within 1-3 days following the treatment.   In the days following your treatment, the irregularity falls away leaving new, healthy skin.  A small amount of LuxMD™, an excellent post-treatment medical repair emulsion, will be provided in order to promote faster healing.  Booking by time instead of spots or areas allows me to do as much as possible in the time provided.  Some areas may need additional treatments.  See some before and afters