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Lash Lift

I offer InLei® Lash Filler  to provide Lash Lifts and Color Enhancements to my clients at Central Coast Red Coral Spa.  I am additionally certified by Stonhart Beauty for this service.  With inLei, the Lash Filler treatment will not only lift your lashes, but improve the health of your natural lashes.  This product has been tested at a scientific institute in Milan, Italy. (oooOOOOooo!!)


 I will clean the lashes and assess your natural lash length in order to select the correct shield to lift your lashes up into a curl.  Lashes are then lined with a solution to "form" and "fix" the curl into position.  The Lash Filler is applied at the end of the treatment and will help nourish and improve the condition and health of your natural lash.  Using a lash serum to keep lashes hydrated and support healthy growth will increase your results.  I carry Grande Lash (by Grande Cosmetics), and Fashion Lash (by inLei®).

Tinting/Coloring the lashes tend to be beneficial for those with red, white, or blonde hair. 

We can tint brown hair but results may not be as dramatic.  This step happens before the lash filler (a nourishing oil) is applied

 Lash Lift with Color Enhancement 
(approximately 75m-90m)

Lash Lift

(approximately 60m)

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