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Sugaring is an excellent alternative to waxing.  I use certified organic paste and it is never warmed too hot, the way wax can be sometimes.  On medium to larger areas, it is applied with a gloved hand and is gentle on the skin.  Smaller areas (e.g. brows, upper lip) I use a disposable applicator or a disinfected stainless steal applicator.


Important Notes: 
• Stop using retin-a or retinols on the area 3 days prior to sugaring, and do not begin using again for three days after the sugaring.
• For our Transitioning clients, please call or email directly to check what services we can provide successfully.


I use Certified Organic & Fair Trade 

by Tamara's Sugar

"Aiyani provides a wonderful, serene atmosphere in her space.  Prior to meeting her, I was unaware that the sugaring process would be so professional and liberating.  She is my choice because I feel so comfortable with her, thank you Aiyani!"    -Brandi H.


- Toni S

I am loving the results I'm getting from sugaring. 

Please have hair grown out a minimum of 
1/4" for first time body sugaring, and 2-3 weeks for face sugaring; do not have any lotions on, and exfoliate the day before coming in.

Brows   $35 (as an add-on $30)

Lip  $12 (as an add-on only)

Chin  $13 (as an add-on only)

Brow/Lip/Chin Combo $55

Full Face w/out Brows   $90

Full Face with Brows   $115

Underarms   $30

Basic Bikini $35 

(just the sides, maybe a little off the top)

Extended Bikini $45 

(a little bit more off the sides )

G-String $55 (extended plus the backside)

Full Brazilian $65 (everything front to back)

Brazilian w/inner thigh $75

(inner thigh to the knee)

Bum (cheeks) $25

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