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Skin Care  
"Aiyani is a skin whisperer" 
-Marisa S.

After 15 years in the skin care industry working with clients who never had facials, to those who have had routines for decades, I have learned some things:


Am I right?

You do not want 10-30 options for a facial (and add-ons) when booking an appointment

MY JOB:  Use products based on your skin type and goals, and select a combination of Eastern & Western modalities that I can customize to help reach those goals!


Tell me your goals and choose an amount of time you want to dedicate to receiving the benefits of a facial, and book it!  It's okay if the time you choose varies, or if we do Skin Treatments instead of Facials. At home routines will be very important as well.  Consistency is KEY!

This menu changed November 2022 

If you have a gift certificate for a previously offered service,

please contact the spa directly. 

I'm happy to help you. 

45 minutes


From the Mind Body Beauty Institute, this approach to well being is based in Facial Reflexology by helping to align the autonomic nervous system, relax the brainwaves, change internal chemistry, and improve electrical flow in the nervous system.  We can address and improve issues with our internal organs, emotions, extremities, and more. 

It's all connected.  

Pure Energy Facial Meditation™


You choose the amount of time, I will choose the products and combine Eastern and Western modalities.

Not every modality is used in every facial

Possible Modalities Used:

 NEW Cold Plasma, NEW Plasma Channeling, My Skin Buddy™, Enzyme Masks, Skin Scrubber, DermaFile™, Cupping, Gua Sha, Massage, Reflexology Tools (YinYang roller, acupressure wand/detector),  High Frequency Orange electrode or Violet electrode, EpiFusion, Treatment Masks, Microcurrent, Nano Infusion,  LED Therapy

  Learn more about modalities here


The Tidal Wave

   Results driven

100 minutes 


Best for  40+ years, or those addressing acne scarring

If your skin is looking dull, or the fine lines and wrinkles are starting to bother you, this is the one to book.  

80 minutes - Most Booked!


You need something to wake up and brighten your skin and give you a youthful glow. Great for all ages in adulthood, best for those 20's-40's, or 40+ looking for maintenance

60 minutes 


A dip into the skin care world, a nice introduction for first-time facial goers, or as a maintenance facial for those who just want a good clean out and some good nutrients  the skin.    Approved for all ages.

Deep Sea Dive

Teens Only

45 minutes


Teen skin is developing at an accelerated level.  The uptick in hormone levels, with the speedy cellular turn over combined with excess oil, dirt and sweat from the school and sport day can equal inflammation, congestion, and breakouts.  A good clean out and getting set up with a consistent at home routine can help, I'm here for you.


"After overcoming cystic acne, I was left with deep, pitted scarring that I was advised could only be helped through invasive and expensive surgeries.  Fortunately for me, after two years of consistently visiting Aiyani, that advice proved wrong.  She attentively keeps my skin healthy with facials, advanced treatments, and product changes as needed; she even has a device to treat skin tags!  Aiyani has truly proven to be a master at her craft and for me, she has managed to do what many haven't.  I feel so blessed to have found her gem of a spa.  Her skill set and the atmosphere she creates set an unmatched standard in the Central Coast."  -- Karina


" Pure MAGIC. 

Next level facials"

- Ashley S


Skin Sheek 

40    for 1-2 small spots

( like a grain of rice)

60    for 3-4 small spots 

100  for 15 minutes (several spots)


Treat minor skin irregularities such as sun spots, skin tags, cherry angiomas, broken capillaries, sebaceous hyperplasia, AND MORE  by use of high frequency to dehydrate the area of concern.  Then, skin will form a "crust" over the area treated within 1-3 days; then flake away.   Skin can be a little pink during the healing phase, this is normal.  Some areas may need additional treatments.  Almost anywhere on the body can be treated.  Please reach out with any questions!   

 See some before and afters 

 Skin Tags?   Cherry Angiomas? 
Broken Capillaries?   Sun Spots?

** Book this as an add-on

or as a separate appointment, sensitive areas you may want to numb (eyelids, nose, underarms and such)

Watch the Skin Sheek in action
Woman with Face Cream

" I used to think monthly breakouts were a part of life. 
Aiyani has changed all of that.  My skin has never been better! " 
- Laurene Lee, Skinbitch

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