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Plaxel Pen

True Plasma Energy is here!  The Ball Tip helps deliver plasma energy into the skin and encourages collagen production into fine lines and wrinkles.  The Flat Tip delivers "Cold Plasma."  This does not *feel* cold, it is considered cold as it is not thermal energy.  Cold Plasma is excellent for product penetration and creates a lifted appearance, and helps kill bacteria causing acne.

plaxel pen.jpg

EpiPinPRO by EpiStep

"Needle-Free Needling"

An exciting new device that uses  micropyramids to micro channel the skin for product infusion without injury or inflammation.  This device offers micropyramid tips focused for hydration, brightening, elasticity or acne scarring.  


My Skin Buddy™

A handheld device with multiple benefits including deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation, enhancing product penetration, and LED lights to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, kill propionibacterium (bacteria that causes acne), stimulate collagen, reduce redness and inflammation and rejuvenate the skin.  Available for retail purchase so you can enhance your at-home routine

     Skin Scrubber

Sometimes called a Skin Spatula, the device assists with the removal of dead or unhealthy skin cells by using ultrasonic technology as well as being used for extractions, and product penetration

skin scrubber.jpg
A holistic approach to mechanical exfoliation, this handheld tool works to polish the skin using finely crushed diamonds

   Nano Infusion 

Non-invasive approach to lighten, brighten, and tighten the skin using 24 microscopic nano tips to infuse ingredients into the epidermis.  Allows the skin to receive nutrients that help the overall texture, tone, look and feel of your skin.  Skin will be appear plump due to hydration infusion, filling out lines, wrinkles, and scarring.  


   Facial Cupping

Typically used across the face, neck, and decollete, this modality brings oxygenated blood to the surface in order to help skin rejuvenation and cellular turnover.  It is known to assist with lymph drainage, reduce puffiness, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles

facial cups.jpg

   Facial Gua Sha

An ancient Chinese modality for moving stagnation or blockages within the body so lymph and blood flow are working at optimal levels.  "Gua" means to scrape and "Sha" actually means red rash - don't get scared! Face Gua Sha is different than Body Gua Sha. This is not a painful "scrape".  It is gentle and soothing. This technique can also sculpt the jawline and cheekbones for a more defined appearance, assist in relaxing wrinkles due to facial expressions and is all around a very relaxing modality. 

face gua sha.jpg

   Treatment Masks

Used to address different skin types and conditions. Masks can be painted on, or come as sheet that lays on the skin, or a pudding-like feeling that peels off. ooooOOOOooo.   Either way it is a delivery method of potent ingredients that will assist in goals like hydration, pulling impurities up, minimizing pore size, soothing red or inflamed skin, reduce oil, even complexion and detox the skin - just to name a few.
jelly mask.png

Microcurrent with PureLiftPRO

Creating a workout for the skin using triple wave technology, this device will help awaken the skin and muscle tissue, increase circulation and assist in ATP production

PureLiftPRO device.tiff

   Microcurrent with

MyoLift 600

Using True Microcurrent this non-invasive machine helps to relax lines and wrinkles caused by expressions and age, followed by a setting designed to re-educate, lift, and tighten the facial muscles.  Other benefits of microcurrent include the stimulation of collagen, an increase of elasticity, pore size reduction and constriction, improvement of moisture retention, minimize wrinkles, and eliminates puffiness! 


     Facial Massage

With over 40 muscles in the face alone, there is a great deal of tension that builds due to facial expressions, eating food, and  talking.  Facial massage helps to relieve the tension, increase circulation, and release the muscle-memory that creates wrinkles.  It's also very relaxing

face massage.jpg

Reflexology Tools

Used to find balance using YinYang energy and flow on the face.  Assists in detecting areas in the body that need attention in order to find harmony from within.  Can create a very meditative feeling, can release tension in areas of the face and scalp you didn't know carried tension or tenderness. 

Facial Reflexology Tools.png

   High Frequency 

Healing electrical light energy.  The argon (violet) electrode is used for killing bacteria that causes acne and refining larger pores.

The neon (orange) electrode is used to stimulate collagen and elastin production, increase blood circulation (blood brings nutrients to the cells), and assist in lymph drainage.  A low level warming sensation may be experienced, or a "zappy" or "tingly" feeling may occur.

high frequency.jpg

LED Therapy (Light Emitting Diode)

Different lights can provide different benefits including but not limited to: stimulating collagen production, calm acne inflammation, calm hyperpigmentation, repair vessels, kill acne causing bacteria, and stimulate oxygenation to the skin.  


Skin Script

Hale & Hush

Viktoria DeAnn

Herbal Skin Solutions


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