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Have a spa experience at home with the ultimate Get-Ready-Wrap.  The luxury spa wrap that clients use during their facials with me, is now available for purchase to use at home! 


With elastic AND a tie it will fit virtually any body.   I personally am a size 20 ( depends, doesn't it?)  and can fit comfortably in the Regular Size, and the Plus Size option.

There are even matching head wraps that won't leave elastic marks, or flatten your curls, or make you sweat because the fabric is light and airy.  

Colors available are Black, Blush, Raspberry, and Sage Green

Use this when you are putting your make up on, doing your skin care routine, doing the dishes or laundry. Use it as a bathing suit cover at the pool, at the beach, on vacation, during a staycation, or just sit in it and have some wine.  Some are doubling it as a dress when they go out! oooOOOoooo


 It is SO comfy.  You're welcome :) 

laughter and a good cleanser,


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